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Hello Friend,
My name is Mobolaji Folorunso
And I'm the one with glasses in the front row of the picture above, standing beside the lady with the red jacket
You see
That picture was taken in 2019 to celebrate recipients of the Swedish Institute Scholarship who were graduating from different universities across Sweden
The picture was taken in the same hall that Nobel Prizes are awarded every year in Stockholm
It was in this same hall that the famous Prof. Wole Soyinka was awarded his Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986!
I won the Swedish Institute Scholarship in 2017
It was a full Masters scholarship that covered my tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of my studies
When I finished my studies in 2019
I got a job in Stockholm as a full time Project Engineer
I worked in Sweden until October 2022 when
I moved to Canada as a Permanent resident
I had only 1 year left to be eligible for permanent residence in Sweden
But my people say that a bird in hand is worth more than 1000s of birds that are still in the bush
That's why I moved to Canada
So in the past 5 years
I've successfully applied and secured a full Master's scholarship in Sweden, study permit, work permit and permanent residence permit in Canada.
I want to share my experience with you so too can relocate abroad
I've been doing this since 2017
And I've helped hundreds of Africans secure more than $2 million in scholarships in Sweden, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland.
I have an active email list where I share valuable actionable information that you can use to process your admission and scholarship applications not just to Sweden, but also to Canada, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany
If you're interested in joining this email list, it costs a one-time fee of NGN4950/GHC95/$9
Why am I charging for this?
You see
I receive hundreds of emails everyday

Mostly from people replying the valuable emails I send regularly


But because I also have a full time job here in Canada as a Project Coordinator

I need to conserve my energy and time

And ensure that I'm spending my time crafting emails for the most serious folks

That's why I decided to charge a small token for access to these emails

And I arrived at the NGN4,950/GHC95/$9 fee

Because I know it's a small token that the most serious folks wouldn't mind paying to gain access to actionable information from a reliable and experienced source to help them win scholarships to fund their relocation abroad


✅You have a Bachelor's degree
✅You graduated with at least Second Class Lower


Immediately after your payment, you'll be sent an email to confirm your membership of the email list.

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Note: This program is only designed for those interested in applying for Master's, and NOT PhD!
HND/PGD alone are not sufficient to apply for Master's in Sweden. A Bachelor's degree is required.
I also host a paid coaching programme. You'll learn more about it when you join us.